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    Widow's Son Reading Full Text

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    The good son scattered hair mask to his ghost like Huan terrible face, some of his terror gently near the bed, want to move a little, afraid she will be frightened, finally can only stand on the bed for a step, looked at the bed. Since the bloody one, almost no ups and downs of the chest, heart hard twist the pain.

    something the matter with her spine?’

    her chosen husband I shut the door after him, that it might cause

    ‘Do you recollect where you had it last, Annie?’ said her

    think because I saw Steerforth and Grainger laughing at me—or

    know, when you were with us You are qualified for many good

    mention it, Copperfield, I shouldn’t wonder at all I assure you she

    time, I was going to say, if it had been my lot to have my hands

    ‘Still, so it was,’ continued Mrs Micawber ‘Under such

    meant, in our local dialect, like two young thrushes, and received

    David Copperfield

    greater pains to cheer him up again than I had taken to depress

    On a table by the window in Buckingham Street, we set out the

    hope to go to heaven!

    extravagant extent; and, in the second place, because I—hadn’t

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    from Heaven knows where, to put my establishment to rights

    awakened it; but I am inclined to believe that with the simple

    mother, who had been looking at its eyes as it lay upon her lap,


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